Fifty 50 Foods

Breakfast & Cereals GI List

Breakfast and Cereal GI List Food GI Value
All Bran with Fiber 38
Muesli 43
Bran Buds 47
FIFTY 50 Hearty Cut Oatmeal 52
Oat Bran 55
Bran Chex 58
Raisin Bran 61
Cream of Wheat 66
Quick (One Minute) Oats 66
Pancakes 67
Puffed Wheat 67
Special K 69
Grapenuts 71
Bran Flakes 74
Cheerios 74
Cream of Wheat Instant 74
Shredded Wheat 75
Waffles 76
Rice Krispies 82
Corn Chex 83
Corn Flakes 92
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