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Smart Breakfasts

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

  100% stone ground whole wheat toast with FIFTY 50® Peanut Butter and FIFTY 50® Fruit Spread

  Light yogurt with fresh fruit and low-fat granola or bran buds

Smart Breakfasts   Steel-cut or old-fashioned rolled oats with dried apricots (cooked in fat-free milk)

  Low-GI cold cereal (see GI list of foods) with skim milk and fruit

  Whole wheat pita bread stuffed with scrambled egg and fruit

  Sour dough French toast with FIFTY 50® Maple Syrup and fruit

  All-bran muffin with FIFTY 50® Strawberry Spread and fruit

  Buckwheat pancakes with FIFTY 50® Maple Syrup and fruit

  Multi-grain waffles with natural applesauce

  Pumpernickel toast with melted low-fat cheese and fruit

  Rye toast and egg-white Western omelet and fruit

A low-GI breakfast includes whole-grain breads or toasts, cereals rated as tricklers, and lots of fresh fruits. Avoid syrups other than the ones listed above, and stay away from instant hot cereals; they're gushers.

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